Brendan Camp, B.S.

Graduate Researcher

  Brendan Camp, B.S.   Second-Year MPH Candidate  Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

Brendan Camp, B.S.

Second-Year MPH Candidate

Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

Brendan Camp, a Master’s of Public Health candidate, serves as a graduate research assistant in our laboratory. After graduating from Baylor University in 2016 with his B.S. in Biology, Brendan chose to pursue an education in which he could utilize his background in biological sciences, while incorporating public health and research.

He takes a special interest in the environment and its correlation to a variety of pulmonary diseases. His interest in environmental exposures pertaining to the lung originates from growing up in Butler, Pennsylvania, a predominately blue-collar area where the top employer is a steel factory whose employees are exposed to a multitude of aerosolized particulate matter. Exposure to such matter can have detrimental health effects on the human body, specifically the pulmonary system. To bridge the gap between toxicology and public health, Brendan is using cell culture, microscopy, and proliferation assays to identify the cellular response of respiratory epithelial cells to traffic-related particulate matter (i.e. diesel particulate matter).

As a research assistant, Brendan is working on additional projects with other team members, assisting them with cell culture and cell characterization. He is scheduled to present at the Inhaled Particles XII Conference in Glasgow, Scotland next month (September 2017).

Brendan is expected to graduate in May 2018 with his Master of Public Health (MPH) from Baylor University. He plans to continue his education by attending medical school and hopes to practice medicine in a poor, marginalized community. 


  • Member of the Baylor University Graduate Student Association (GSA)


  • (Upcoming) Inhaled particles XII. "Comparing the Baseline Morphology, Gene, and Protein Expressions of Two Immortalized and Two Cancer-Derived Lung Cell Lines”. Glasgow, Scotland (Sept 2017)