CS Consulting also specializes in understanding the behavior of nano-scale materials (particles, composites, and films) in the dry state, in solution or suspension, and in biological and ecological systems. Our material characterization expertise includes complete analyses of morphology and chemical reactivity. Our environmental health and safety expertise includes analysis of whole animal, tissue, and cell toxicology; mechanistic analyses of toxicity; ecotoxicology; and public policy and regulatory analysis.

The experimental design is the key to any successful scientific evaluation. Data obtained from the laboratory can help define the scope of the analytical work appropriate for characterizing a particular material, setting personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines for worker protection, and knowing proper remediation and disposal methods of the materials. Our experience in a variety of laboratory settings (small, large; academic, industrial; chemistry, toxicology) has provided for the development of diverse skills and differentiates this lab from others. In addition, because our interest is primarily in nano-scale materials, we can suggest the most appropriate characterization tests for any specific problem.


Material Characterization

Morphological assessments

Size and size distribution

Surface area

Shape and aspect ratio

Crystal structure

Chemical nature

Chemical composition

Surface reactivity

Surface charge


Stability over time

Environmental Health & Safety

In vitro toxicology

Primary cells and cell lines

Human and rodent cultures

Normal and carcinoma cell lines


Multiple organ systems

In vivo toxicology

Hepatic effects

Pulmonary effects

Skin irritation, sensitization, and penetration

Circulatory system

Absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion


Algal cultures

Microbial interactions

Earthworm, Daphnia, fish collaborations

 Environmental assessments

Mobility, fate, transport, and transformation