Inhaled Particles

We're headed to the Inhaled Particles XII Conference in Glasgow!

Congratulations to Henry and Brendan for their abstract acceptances to the Inhaled Particles XII conference series this year in Glasgow, Scotland! The ultimate theme of the conference is "very much looking to the future."  The conference is expected to unveil new issues, new developments and new techniques and analyses in the field of inhaled particles and how to best address them in the future. 

Henry and Brendan were asked to participate in the poster presentations this year. They will each be presenting their research. Their chosen abstract titles are listed below:

"Comparing the Basal-level Inflammatory Gene and Protein Expressions of Three Normal and Three Cancer-Derived Lung Cell Lines"
Henry Lujan

"Investigating Traffic-Related Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure on the Basal Gene and Protein Expressions in Normal and Asthma-Derived Epithelial Lung Cells"
Brendan Camp

To learn more about IPXII and to review the kind of content that Pulmonary/Lung/Respiratory Health Professionals think about in 2017., click here. 

Way to go Henry and Brendan!