about us

Leveraging transformational research at the nexus of advanced materials, human health, and the environment to provide value to society.

The Sayes Group is a BSL-2 research facility housed within the Baylor Sciences Building in Waco, Texas. Our team specializes in conducting original research to improve the quality of our lives and the environment in which we live. We adhere to seemingly simple principles - we listen to our clients' needs, develop creative approaches to meet those needs, and implement our strategies cost effectively with unsurpassed passion and dedication to excellence. 

An overarching focus in the Sayes Lab is answering questions related to human health effects.  This would include questions about possible exposures to environmental contaminants, issues related to insult or injury to human systems, and cellular mechanisms of uptake for engineered nano-materials (ENMs).  

We aim to conduct cutting-edge research in the following areas:

  • Nanotoxicology and Nanopharmacology
  • Exposure and Risk Assessment
  • Health and Human Safety
  • Environmental Health Sciences